return of the POT HEAD

While it has nothing to do with tea, we thought we’d join in on the fun {and legalized green in some states} by creating a head turning TEAshirt.

Happy Spring!

Here in the South, we know Spring has arrived by our noses. The equation goes… beautiful blooms = sneezing + scratchy throats It’s ok! Local honey helps relive the woes of the season. And just add honey tea company wouldn’t be a tea company if we didn’t have a little of Spring’s ‘liquid gold’ to…

How sweet!

Yes! Our company is called just add honey, but every now and then a spoonful of sugar is necessary. And what better way to enjoy a cup of tea. Now available on our site for the tea lover in your life {or yourself}. Because everyone needs a little something sweet!

I’ll drink to that!

The perfect cup of tea for you on the go now available on our website simply better tea

We have new flavors… Come and get it!

IT’S NATIONAL ICED TEA MONTH June is National Iced Tea Month. And just add honey loves to celebrate!!!!! So… We’ve created new flavors for the Spring/Summer that you are sure to love, Love, LOVE! Visit us every Saturday at the Piedmont Park Farmer’s Market and sample our new flavors. We promise they will quench your…

it’s tea tuesday

chamomile vanilla bean yellow:: uplifting and invigorating, yellow has been proven to stimulate the brain, making you more alert and decisive. it’s associated with intellectual thinking: discernment, memory, and good judgement cheers!

we have flavor!

just add honey is honored to be chosen as a finalist in the Flavor of Georgia 2013 contest! Businesses in Georgia submitted their best and our Georgia Peaches loose leaf tea was chosen as a finalist {exciting, huh}. We will strut our stuff along side so many talented Georgia food companies. Our friends at Chocolate…

ooh honey!

Here’s our favorite Summer honey recipe: {from our friends at TruBee Honey} Honey-Vanilla Ice Cream 2 cups milk {I use 2 percent} 3/4 cup honey {you can use all but 2 oz. of a 12 oz. TruBee jar, saving the remainder for topping} dash of salt 2 eggs, beaten 2 cups heavy cream 1 tablespoon real…

From tree to bean: the cacao harvest

Have you ever seen a cacao bean?! It’s as beautiful as it’s end results. In this informative and picturesque blog, on the cocoa trail, author Juliet Bray gives details about the tree and the harvesting process. From tree to bean: the cacao harvest But she doesn’t stop there. Every blog post is about the wonderful bean…

how do you make that fancy stuff anyway?!

You have loose leaf tea in your pantry among all of that bagged tea stuff. It’s pretty. It smells good. But what do you do with it?! Fret not! just add honey knows tea. And we know how to blend the perfect cup. Pay attention, folks. All teas are brewed with different times and water…