January is National Hot Tea Month. Embrace the Winter weather. Turn on the teapot and celebrate!

Is a black tea your cup of fancy? Does caffeine free herbal or fruit teas make your heart happy? Or are you green tea kinda girl? Have it all. Enjoy every cup. Drink up ladies and gents! You can have it all in January {all Winter, if you like}.

Get off the computer! Your pot is boiling.


have you heard the news?!

January 13, 2011

just add honey is one of the newest members of Beehive Shops!

Lover of local {by design}, Petra Geiger offers talented crafters an outlet to sell handmade, not homemade, wares, gifts, and accessories. And just add honey has joined the ranks of talent from all around the US of A!

Featured on the site are our iced tea samplers. Coined the “champagne of the south”, iced tea is a Southern staple of most homes. Why not have our yummy teas to quench your thirst?! Included are 1oz tins of georgia peaches{black tea}, tropical green{green tea}, mint to be{herbal tea}, and berries!{friut tea}, honey sticks, and tea filters. The only thing missing are ice and friends.

We also have our love it a latte gift set available. But it’s only if a gift if you want to share.  1oz tins of chocolate delight {black tea} chocolate mint rooibos {herbal tea} green caramel {green tea} vanilla chai {black tea}, honey sticks, and tea filters. Perfect with milk, soy, or cream, each cup delivers happiness.

While you are filling your shopping carts with our teas also pick up a cup sleeve from SoSheSews. Quirky saying on each sleeve made from fused, recycled plastic bags, if you must drink your tea on the go, do it in style, please!

When the friends join you for a cup, pull out the good stuff! Lio and Linn handcraft elegant twig spoons that are perfect for any occasion. The spoons are cast in yellow bronze from hand-carved wax. Green tea with envy!

Too cute to use, tiny peepers screen printed kitchen towels are perfect alongside the teapot. Each 100% cotton towel is made by hand with water-based, non-toxic inks. Casually walk away and view the ooohs and ahhhs from a distance.

These are just a few of the talented designers on the site, but trust me there’s more. Don’t believe me, see it for yourself. Grab a cup of tea and browse. You’ll be there for a minute.

While enjoying a cup of tea on the first day of the New Year, I noticed the ring the mug left on my napkin. A ring. A stain. A mark. And I began to think about 2011. With New Years come new beginnings.

New looks on life.

New plans.

New ideas.

New hopes.

New dreams.

And it was only natural to think about where just add honey is and where we are headed in the New Year. 2010 was good. We made new tea friends, blogged, tweeted, and provided offered awesome full leaf teas to anyone with their hands open. We offered yummy flavors, experimented with new ones, and markets, festivals, and stores couldn’t keep the teas in stock!

But in 2011 we have more work to do. just add honey promises to continue to offer our teas (as long as you keep your hands open), but we want to leave a lasting mark. We want to be remembered for giving you our best foot forward with every sip. Look for more of the same, but better this year.

So while you enjoy your cup of tea, think about this New Year with an open mind and a renewed spirit.

How will you leave your mark?


image courtesy of: Terry Bain

flick’r Creative Commons