so much to be thankful for

November 26, 2009

just add honey is thankful for each and every opportunity to share the love of tea with the world.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!



follow the bee…

November 20, 2009

This Saturday, just add honey will be offering loose leaf teas, samples, and smiles at ICE Atlanta.
come and check us out!

I am sooo excited to begin blogging. I hear about it. I read about it. And I thought it was way too hard.
WRONG! It is very simple.
See… I’m here.“a day in the life of the tea lady”
I am devoting my time and attention to tea. It is my life.

I have been a wardrobe/fashion and prop stylist for the past seven years. It is a fun and lucrative job. I work really hard and put in lots of time and energy in the industry. I have done ads for CNN, Home Depot, Neiman Marcus, Cutter & Buck, Macy’s, and Atlanta Magazine, to name a few. And I am not giving it up! However, I have found a new passion… TEA!

A few years ago, I heard about how public schools in Atlanta were cutting back on “arts, music, and culture” programs. My mother was very instrumental in incorporating those things into my life, but many kids (these days) are not as fortunate. Parents look to the schools to raise their children and programs to aid them in becoming well-rounded individuals are fading fast.

So….. with my entrepreneurial spirit and a burn to help others, I thought of ways to help.
I could raise money to help?! Nah… that is just a temporary solution.
I could teach dance somewhere?! Nah… just girls would participate.
I could start a community center?! Are you crazy!
Okay, Ms. Do Gooder, then what?!
I began pondering on things I enjoy; things I love. Clothes… Fashion… Music… Dance… More Clothes… blahblahblah. Typical!
Oh, I know… Enjoying the company of others, Desserts, Coffee Houses, and TEA!!!
Ding! Ding! Ding!
I have played around with custom blends while living overseas where tea is a BIG deal. My grandmother served us tea with EVERY SINGLE MEAL. She even had fresh mint in her backyard. TEA! That’s it! I could bring children/people together with tea. It is considered a refined beverage all over the world. It is a fairly untapped market. In addition, I could use it to help children. They can come to a “tea house” and learn different languages, draw/paint, take music lessons, learn how to garden, whatever! Brilliant! Easy! Done! Right?

Tea is a really big deal. It is takes time and LOTS of research! Lots of research.
Tea enthusiasts take tea seriously. There are health properties associated with tea. There are healing properties associated with tea. Tea is a really big deal.
Make your weakness your strength.
I stayed away from making any claims and becoming an expert. I just wanted to have fun! And that is what I did.

just add honey will help kids… one cup at a time.
just add honey is fun, fresh, and easy. It is made of all natural ingredients that are easy recognized. Nothing is changed. Nothing is altered.

just add honey are custom blended teas that make your taste buds smile. My goal is to bring people together with tea.

Enjoy it alone or in the company of friends. Because life is always sweeter… if you just add honey!