i want every pair!

January 29, 2010

Last night, just add honey, stepped on the scene and attended Ann Roth Shoe‘s boutique grand opening. If you don’t Ann Roth, you are missing out on footwear fashion. Ann Roth Shoes are a piece of art. They are beautifully designed, well crafted, and extremely comfortable shoes! Every woman must own a pair!

The new showroom and boutique is located inside the Paisley Umbrella. Ann Roth has transformed a room into a shoe oasis. There are shoes artfully placed on the wall, comfortable seating, and a relaxing enviroment. But last night, you would have thought you stepped into a posh lounge spot. The place was “the place” to be. Ladies were shopping as if Ann Roth had made the golden slipper. And she did! The “it” shoe of the night was definitely the opera twist. But every shoe in the house was a hit!

There were yummy french macarons from Crumb bakery and lite bites to keep you going while you shopped. There was even a decorated cake on “display” in the shape of Ann Roth’s shoes and box. Even I thought it was real! And it tasted even better. As the champagne flowed and the night progressed, Ann continued to mingle with her guests and made us feel welcome.

It was a lovely evening had by all. Now I have to decide on which pair to buy…


Make your fight count

January 18, 2010

Happy Martin Luther King Day!

As we enjoy blue skies, warm weather, and a day off, let us remember Dr King. Not in the traditional momment of silence, “I have a dream” kinda way, but really remember him.
Remember how he fought, prayed, and dreamed of today. Dr King wanted me to have a business. He wanted me to matter. He cared about me without knowing my name. So did Fredrick Douglass, Hariett Tubman, Booker T Washington, and all of the other countless names that fought for you and I. Black and white. Gay and straight. Young and old.
So, as you enjoy the freedoms of today that we take for granted, think of someone else that needs you. Think of the child in Haiti without running water, food, clothes, or shelter. Think of the Afgan woman who sleeps to the sound of gunfire. Think of the homeless man on the corner near your local coffee house.
Think of them and make your fight count.

follow the bee…

January 16, 2010

Warehouse Sale!!!
January 16-25

just add honey tea and accessories
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Beehive CoOp (1831 Peachtree Rd . Atlanta . 30309)

social media?

January 6, 2010

We have a blog. www.justaddhoney.wordpress.com

We have a facebook page. www.facebook.com/pages/just-add-honey/159772932372

We have a twitter account. @justaddhoney

what else do we need?

We are proactive in notifying our fans, followers, tweets, peeps… you name it about just add honey. We make sure that we keep top of the mind awareness with our products and services. But we feel so out of the loop.

There are classes, seminars, tutorials, and the like on social media. Sounds good, but who really has the time to be glued to a computer or smart phone and still be productive! just add honey could hire one of these social media gurus to campaign on our behalf, but how much is that investment?! What are the returns!?

We can say that you will hear lots more from just add honey in 2010. We will not drive you crazy with posts, comments, or over tweet, but you will hear from us. You will remember our name.

Talk to you soon. We promise.

happy new year!!!

January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

We have made it through 2009!

It is easy to complain about what we did and didn’t do last year, but let’s look ahead. 2010 is here and we are in control of our destiny. Let us be better, smarter, wiser, and more determined to be all that we can.