New Year. New News

January 4, 2017

2016 was full of energy!

From moving brick and mortar locations to celebrating 10 years in business, just add honey tea company has lots to be grateful for. 

We started this company because we wanted to drink what we loved. Then we realized YOU WANTED TO DRINK WHAT WE LOVED. The outpouring of love has been overwhelming at times. We meet the most amazing people in our daily lives. Festivals, in the tea shop, trade shows, online… Beautiful people who share a love of tea. Beautiful people, inside and out. 

So what does 2017 look like for just add honey tea company?! More tea. More love. More beautiful people. We have so much in store for you, for us…

We’re opening our doors in the Historic West End Atlanta on Friday, January 6 at the Hammonds House Museum. We’ll have tea and a seat waiting for you. xo 

Hammond House Museum • Fridays • 11a-5p