CHAI {but don’t say chai tea}

We have a thing about saying chai tea. We might give you the side eye {we won’t really, but might}. The word CHAI is another word for TEA in Hindi, derived from the word CHA, the Chinese word for tea. See why we don’t say chai tea – it’s like saying tea tea. LOL If you are hearing this for the first time, thank you for coming to our Ted Talk. If you’ve heard this before, spread the word to your tea loving friends about the “right way” to say chai.

take a sip from your own cup

The next time you offer up a cup of wisdom, stop and take a sip from your own cup. The timing may be just the advice you needed to hear for yourself.

return of the POT HEAD

While it has nothing to do with tea, we thought we’d join in on the fun {and legalized green in some states} by creating a head turning TEAshirt.

TEA Experience Adventures

Every thing starts with an idea, right? I had an idea to visit all of the places, regions, plantations tea’s grown and take TEAlovers along for the journey. Sounds easy enough. The more I researched, the more the task seemed daunting and overwhelming. I already have a success tea business that I’m happily running, why…

sip into summer with just add honey

We love Summer {we said that about Fall, Winter, and Spring too}. No really, we LOVE Summer! Longer days, breezy evenings, lazy strolls, and sweet tea. In the South, it’s our champagne {extra sweet and lots of ice with an random lemon wedge} but it’s refreshing and delicious no matter your zip code. We will…

beyond the cup

Celebrate Earth Day in small ways all year long. Sip tea and Save the Earth.


It’s not all the rage! It’s real. Herbs are healing. Herbs aid. Herbs soothe. Herbs have been around before you and I and they have properties that can be benefit your lifestyle in so many wonderful ways. We’re not doctors. We’re tea people. We think herbs are a very personal experience. What you eat, how…


parTEA at home We’re in love with this season┬áThe weather is perfect and tea party fashions are popping up all over the runways. Pastels, seersucker, gingham and plaid, lace and florals, and everything in between, everything is pointing to tea time. So, gentlemen, dust off your hats and ladies set out your finest threads, we’re…

self care and a cup of tea

all this talk about #SocialDistancing and staying indoors can be hard to consume regularly {and here we are with a blog post to read}. so we’re going to keep it light and fun. self care and a cup of tea. simple. easy. self care doesn’t have to be a planned activity {or it can be}….