meet matcha

It’s green. It’s hot. It’s fresh. It’s new {but not really}. It’s MATCHA!

tea makes the heart grow fonder

We have slowed down just a bit. Turned on the tea kettle, prepared a cup of tea (we’re actually on cup three), and enjoyed the moment. There are no cell phones around. No iPads or computers (I promise to shut down after this post!). No agenda.

Pop In our Pop Up

And just like that we will open! With other businesses from around Atlanta, just add honey tea company will have a brick and mortar beginning Saturday, June 7. We’re excited and we hope you’re excited too! In addition to our weekly Farmers Markets, you’ll have a place to pick up your tea. Anytime. All the…

Happy Spring!

Here in the South, we know Spring has arrived by our noses. The equation goes… beautiful blooms = sneezing + scratchy throats It’s ok! Local honey helps relive the woes of the season. And just add honey tea company wouldn’t be a tea company if we didn’t have a little of Spring’s ‘liquid gold’ to…


You’ve pulled out your blender to make a smoothie. Now what? ADD TEA TO IT!!! With the warmer temperatures here to stay (we hope), there should always be iced tea on hand. So, no matter your favorite flavor, there’s a smooth’tea’ you can enjoy. We started with our sweet tart iced tea… Added frozen strawberries,…

Saturday Cruisin’

Saturdays are easy {kinda like Sunday morning}. You wake up late, decide how you’re going to spend the day, and head out. You may meet friends for brunch or head to the market for tonight’s dinner. You may even be this stylish pair and cruise downtown on your bike. Meet Ese and Jack. We met…

delicate and perfect

Today we are selling and sampling our teas at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. It is the beginning of the Orchid Market and will be a busy day. Patrons from all around come to see the orchid collection. I love the way an orchid looks. So delicate yet so sturdy. It doesn’t require much attention as…

How sweet!

Yes! Our company is called just add honey, but every now and then a spoonful of sugar is necessary. And what better way to enjoy a cup of tea. Now available on our site for the tea lover in your life {or yourself}. Because everyone needs a little something sweet!

enjoy a cup with us

Smell. ┬áSample. ┬áSip. We are opening our production facility to you! Bring a friend and stop by our offices the last Friday of every month to sample new blends, exotic teas, and something new! Join us.   Friday, January 31 11a – 12n just add honey tea company offices 4760 Hammermill Road . Suite 209…

6 Creative Ways to enjoy National Hot Tea Month

6 Creative Ways to enjoy National Hot Tea Month January is National Hot Tea Month. There is National doughnut Day. National Pi Day. National Talk Like a Pirate Day. But tea gets an entire month! Tea lovers rejoice!!! And what better way to celebrate than to embrace the frigid temperatures and turn on the teapot….