How sweet!

January 22, 2014

how sweet!

how sweet!

Yes! Our company is called just add honey, but every now and then a spoonful of sugar is necessary. And what better way to enjoy a cup of tea.

Now available on our site for the tea lover in your life {or yourself}.

Because everyone needs a little something sweet!


You have loose leaf tea in your pantry among all of that bagged tea stuff. It’s pretty. It smells good. But what do you do with it?!

Fret not! just add honey knows tea. And we know how to blend the perfect cup. Pay attention, folks.

All teas are brewed with different times and water temperatures. Have you had a bitter cup? Well, it’s probably because it wasn’t brewed properly.

First, what do I put these leaves in?

There are several brewing vessels that you can use to enjoy a good cup of loose leaf tea.

This stainless steel teaspoon infuser is perfect for a single cup. Fill one side with tea, level it off, and dunk it a 8oz cup of hot water.

These biodegradable, unbleached tea filters from TeaBrew are our personal favorite. They can be used for a single cup or a pot! But don’t over stuff your bag:: tea expands and if is stuffed; Where will it go? How will it breathe?

Do you have friends coming over? Good. Pull out this stainless steel teapot infuser and your good china. It rests inside of your teapot and fill it up based on how many cups your teapot will hold.

Get it. Got it. Good.

Now for the water and time.

Here’s an easy chart to get you started… It’s tea time!

Brewing Instructions


temperature in°F

steeping time

black teas

{medium caffeine}

boiling (212°F)

2 ½ -3 minutes

green tea

{light caffeine}

steaming (180°F) 2-2½ minutes
herbal & fruit teas

{caffeine free}

boiling (212°F)

 up to 5 minutes

FREE for Fall!

September 23, 2011

Now that we have your attention!

In case you were wondering, just add honey loves Fall.

Corduroy. Leaves changing colors. Chunky scarves. Boots. Crisp mornings. Rich colors. Manageable temperatures. Blazers. (We really just like Fall clothes.) But seriously. All of Fall screams a good cup of tea.

Perfect outfit. A cup of tea.

Cooler temeratures. A cup of tea.

Fall. A cup of tea.

And we want you to be prepared (No… We are not giving away a free wardrobe makeover!).

What we will give you is a FREE teaspoon infuser with a purchase of a 4oz tin of tea. That way you are ready for Fall with a good cup of tea.

Happy Fall! You’re welcome.

image courtesy of :: dreamsjung (flick’r : creative commons)