tea makes the heart grow fonder

We have slowed down just a bit. Turned on the tea kettle, prepared a cup of tea (we’re actually on cup three), and enjoyed the moment. There are no cell phones around. No iPads or computers (I promise to shut down after this post!). No agenda.

How sweet!

Yes! Our company is called just add honey, but every now and then a spoonful of sugar is necessary. And what better way to enjoy a cup of tea. Now available on our site for the tea lover in your life {or yourself}. Because everyone needs a little something sweet!

enjoy a cup with us

Smell.  Sample.  Sip. We are opening our production facility to you! Bring a friend and stop by our offices the last Friday of every month to sample new blends, exotic teas, and something new! Join us.   Friday, January 31 11a – 12n just add honey tea company offices 4760 Hammermill Road . Suite 209…

6 Creative Ways to enjoy National Hot Tea Month

6 Creative Ways to enjoy National Hot Tea Month January is National Hot Tea Month. There is National doughnut Day. National Pi Day. National Talk Like a Pirate Day. But tea gets an entire month! Tea lovers rejoice!!! And what better way to celebrate than to embrace the frigid temperatures and turn on the teapot….

fridays are fun days

As i sit at my desk, looking outside on this partly cloudy day, i think about when i was a kid. Fridays were fun days! Now as an adult, Fridays are just the end of the work week. Thinking ahead to the next week. Trying to complete a to-do-list before quitting time. Busy weekends… BUT…

love it a latte!

What’s Fall without a cup of tea! Fall has arrived and you must have the proper cup to enjoy the changing of the leaves. Leave it to just add honey to set you up properly. We have compiled a list of our favorite teas that are perfect, accompanied with milk (cream, almond milk, your choice)…

it’s tea tuesday

chamomile vanilla bean yellow:: uplifting and invigorating, yellow has been proven to stimulate the brain, making you more alert and decisive. it’s associated with intellectual thinking: discernment, memory, and good judgement cheers!

National Tea Month

January is National Tea Month! What better month to celebrate all of teas’ glory than in the beginning of the year. If your New Year’s Resolution is like half of America, weight loss and healthier living starts with what you put in your mouth. So why not start with a cup of tea! Green, rooibos,…

National Cookie Day!!!

Today is National Cookie Day! Brew a pot of tea, bake a batch of cookies, and enjoy.

follow the bee…

warm up with a cup of just add honey!!! Today!!! Today!!! Today!!! Le Petit Marche . 10-12n Beehive CoOp . 1-5p