Saturday Cruisin’

March 1, 2014

Saturdays are easy {kinda like Sunday morning}. You wake up late, decide how you’re going to spend the day, and head out. You may meet friends for brunch or head to the market for tonight’s dinner.

You may even be this stylish pair and cruise downtown on your bike. Meet Ese and Jack.

We met them at Piedmont Park’s Green Market this Saturday and the two immediately caught our attention. Well dressed pair, vintage yet modern bikes, and their love for tea! They purchased our georgia peaches and black coconut tea and rode off into the park. What a perfect way to spend a Saturday! Carefree and cruising on bikes while enjoying the city.
So… Next Saturday, when you roll out of bed, put a little dapper in your wardrobe. Have an agenda but none at all. Get a little bit of effortless exercise. And enjoy the day {oh and a cup of tea, of course}!



iced tea sangria

June is National Iced Tea Month. And just add honey loves to celebrate!!!!!

So… We’ve created new flavors for the Spring/Summer that you are sure to love, Love, LOVE!

Visit us every Saturday at the Piedmont Park Farmer’s Market and sample our new flavors. We promise they will quench your thirst and make you a believer.

See you this Saturday!

photo courtesy of:: Martha Stewart

Nature's Garden Delivered

You wake up Saturday morning, get to the Farmers Market, and pick up your local good from farmers in your area. Sounds like a plan, right?

If you could only wrestle up the kids, convince your husband to throw on some clothes, hope it’s not raining, cold, or dreary. Not to mention, you must get home shortly after your visit because you don’t want your food to spoil.

Sounds typical? Well, problem solved!

Nature’s Garden Delivered lets the kids play, your husband stay in his pajamas, and answers any weather calls. As the name implys, they bring Nature’s Garden to your doorstep.

Speckled butter beans? Check!

Portabella mushrooms? Check!

Napa cabbage? Check!

Organic? Natural? Transitional? Local? Check! Check! Check! Check!

Not to mention our yummy teas, jams, granola, dog biscuits, to name a few.

Nature’s Garden Delivered offers a wide variety of fresh produce that changes with the season and crop availability. Which is how fresh food should be. With the click of a button, your bounty arrives on your doorstep.

Enjoy your leisure Saturdays. Nature’s Garden Delivered.

While enjoying a cup of tea on the first day of the New Year, I noticed the ring the mug left on my napkin. A ring. A stain. A mark. And I began to think about 2011. With New Years come new beginnings.

New looks on life.

New plans.

New ideas.

New hopes.

New dreams.

And it was only natural to think about where just add honey is and where we are headed in the New Year. 2010 was good. We made new tea friends, blogged, tweeted, and provided offered awesome full leaf teas to anyone with their hands open. We offered yummy flavors, experimented with new ones, and markets, festivals, and stores couldn’t keep the teas in stock!

But in 2011 we have more work to do. just add honey promises to continue to offer our teas (as long as you keep your hands open), but we want to leave a lasting mark. We want to be remembered for giving you our best foot forward with every sip. Look for more of the same, but better this year.

So while you enjoy your cup of tea, think about this New Year with an open mind and a renewed spirit.

How will you leave your mark?


image courtesy of: Terry Bain

flick’r Creative Commons

peaches from piedmont park farmers market

this past weekend, just add honey participated in the Piedmont Park Farmers Market. we were in the company of so many wonderful, fresh fruits and vegetables, it was hard to concentrate! peaches, blueberries, herbs, honey… if it was in season, it was there. so much fun in one place!

we’ll be back this weekend. stop by and say hi. and if we are not there, it’s because we are shopping…

social media?

January 6, 2010

We have a blog.

We have a facebook page.

We have a twitter account. @justaddhoney

what else do we need?

We are proactive in notifying our fans, followers, tweets, peeps… you name it about just add honey. We make sure that we keep top of the mind awareness with our products and services. But we feel so out of the loop.

There are classes, seminars, tutorials, and the like on social media. Sounds good, but who really has the time to be glued to a computer or smart phone and still be productive! just add honey could hire one of these social media gurus to campaign on our behalf, but how much is that investment?! What are the returns!?

We can say that you will hear lots more from just add honey in 2010. We will not drive you crazy with posts, comments, or over tweet, but you will hear from us. You will remember our name.

Talk to you soon. We promise.