Is your pantry stocked with boxes, tins, and bags of tea?!

Do you have a dedicated shelf to the leaf?!

Maybe our "tea pantry" is getting a little bit out of control?

Allow just add honey to offer 10 uses for all of that tea {and save the good stuff for drinking!}

1. Soak your toes!

Peppermint, spearmint, or Chamomile tea are soothing teas that will help relax and revive your feet {and get rid of the stink!!!}

2. Add to your compost.

Loose leaf tea is great in the compost. Don’t trash it, compost it baby!

3. Rest your weary eyes.

Place a tea bag {herbal only} on your lids to reduce puffiness.

4. Get the antique look.

Antique lace. Tea stained paper. Soak your medium in black tea {check it often to achieve the color you want} and you have a dyed masterpiece awaiting.

5. Make drawer sachets.

Lavender, Peppermint, Chamomile, you name it, makes a delightful bouquet for drawer sachets. Get fancy and make some or fill a cheese cloth, rubber band it close and drop it in your drawer.

6. Freshen your breath.

Gargle with your favorite tea {Peppermint does wonders} to have kissable breath.

7. Spring clean the house.

Use a damp teabag or a spray bottle filled with tea instead of your regular household cleaner. A strong black tea works best.

8. Ease your sunburned body.

After fun in the sun, use cold wet tea bags on sunburned parts of your skin to soothe the burns.

9. Marinate your meat.

Impress your friends with a new brine!

10. Drink it!

Iced, hot, with champagne or vodka… Tea is a versatile beverage that is perfect any time, for any occasion.



pantry image courtesy of:: The Smiths :: flick’r creative commons


Nature's Garden Delivered

You wake up Saturday morning, get to the Farmers Market, and pick up your local good from farmers in your area. Sounds like a plan, right?

If you could only wrestle up the kids, convince your husband to throw on some clothes, hope it’s not raining, cold, or dreary. Not to mention, you must get home shortly after your visit because you don’t want your food to spoil.

Sounds typical? Well, problem solved!

Nature’s Garden Delivered lets the kids play, your husband stay in his pajamas, and answers any weather calls. As the name implys, they bring Nature’s Garden to your doorstep.

Speckled butter beans? Check!

Portabella mushrooms? Check!

Napa cabbage? Check!

Organic? Natural? Transitional? Local? Check! Check! Check! Check!

Not to mention our yummy teas, jams, granola, dog biscuits, to name a few.

Nature’s Garden Delivered offers a wide variety of fresh produce that changes with the season and crop availability. Which is how fresh food should be. With the click of a button, your bounty arrives on your doorstep.

Enjoy your leisure Saturdays. Nature’s Garden Delivered.

Generation Green

Seersucker and maxi dresses were the attire. Iced tea, organic wine, and beer were flowing. Bites were being passed. Music filled the garden. It was a lovely evening.

On Tuesday, June 8th, just add honey was a part of it all.

Generation Green, a social and service group with the Georgia Conservancy, aim is to bring awareness to green”ness”. They hosted an event at the Greystone at Piedmont Park. Korri Ellis was the night’s  honoree because of her work as an emerging environmental leader. Korri offers her knowledge to her students and excites them about the environment. As the 2008 Atlanta Public School Teacher of the Year, she offers unconventional teaching by bringing her classroom into the garden.

just add honey was a proud participant for the night. Being green is being good…