From tree to bean: the cacao harvest

June 26, 2012

Have you ever seen a cacao bean?! It’s as beautiful as it’s end results.

In this informative and picturesque blog, on the cocoa trail, author Juliet Bray gives details about the tree and the harvesting process.

From tree to bean: the cacao harvest

But she doesn’t stop there. Every blog post is about the wonderful bean that we readily enjoy in our tea, coffee, candy, desserts…

just add honey uses the bean in several of our teas. It creates a nutty, rich flavor that you will enjoy cup after cup. Served best hot with steamed milk {our favorite is unsweetened almond}, our cacao blended teas, are sure to delight. Cheers!

chocolate mint rooibos {herbal tea}

chocolate delight {black tea}

green caramel {green tea}


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  1. […] a previous post, From tree to bean: the cacao harvest, we talked about the bean and how we use it in some of our teas. On Sunday, September 16, from […]

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