support the locals

April 20, 2012

With the ‘local wave’ being the ‘in’ thing, many people are jumping on the band wagon.
Farmers Markets. Local food. Local design. 100 mile diet.
Others don’t know how or where to start.
As I type this blog, I am enjoying an AMAZING sandwich at my local bodega, Urban Cannibals. They source local ingredients for their menu and stock the shelves with local and/or small businesses {like just add honey}. It’s a space with plenty of character that I frequent because they care. They care about what is on your plate. They care about what you serve in your home. They care about the residents of East Atlanta Village.
And they are not the only ones.
When you support the locals, you get the passion for their business in the product they present.
So the next time you have the option of going to a ‘big box’ store or a chain restaurant, choose local. It helps the person across the counter. It helps the neighborhood. It helps the world go round.
Now back to my sandwich…


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