a lovely afternoon

February 10, 2010

On Sunday, just add honey took a lazy drive down to Serenbe (Palmetto, GA). It is a quaint community located about 30 miles south of Atlanta. With the hustle and bustle of city life, it is nice to get away sometimes. Even if it is a day trip.

While in Serenbe, I took a casual stroll through the shops on the main strip. The Bilt House, Repurpose, and Goodes were offering deals too good to pass on. And the Blue Eyed Daisy had a pimento cheese sandwich that hit the spot!  But my trip wasn’t complete until I visited Harris & Clark.

Harris & Clark proudly carries just add honey products, but that wasn’t why I was there. The store is a foodies’ dream. It is outfitted with homemade preserves in jelly jars, Bella Cucina delights, and the freshest local produce anyone could ask for. Local farmers offer fresh eggs, milk, and cheese to stock your pantry. And if it is not there, ask, and you shall receive.

There was sooo many new things since my last visit, I couldn’t keep focused. While drooling through the store, I sampled goat cheese with herbs de Provence on a warm baguette while enjoying a cup of berries! tea. Harris & Clark had a large selection of baskets ready for Valentine’s day. My eyes were on a ‘breakfast in bed’ basket filled with slow grits, apple butter, and just add honey’s earl grey cream tea. But I also considered purchasing the ‘lover’s snack’ basket. It had chocolates, cheeses, and wine. My second, third, and fourth loves (with tea being first, of course).

As I made my way back to the city, I couldn’t stop thinking about all my wonderful treats that I picked up in Serenbe. I think the Harris & Clark baskets were my best score. Valentine’s day just might come early in the just add honey house.


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  1. Thanks for the free press! Saves me a bundle.

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