Make your fight count

January 18, 2010

Happy Martin Luther King Day!

As we enjoy blue skies, warm weather, and a day off, let us remember Dr King. Not in the traditional momment of silence, “I have a dream” kinda way, but really remember him.
Remember how he fought, prayed, and dreamed of today. Dr King wanted me to have a business. He wanted me to matter. He cared about me without knowing my name. So did Fredrick Douglass, Hariett Tubman, Booker T Washington, and all of the other countless names that fought for you and I. Black and white. Gay and straight. Young and old.
So, as you enjoy the freedoms of today that we take for granted, think of someone else that needs you. Think of the child in Haiti without running water, food, clothes, or shelter. Think of the Afgan woman who sleeps to the sound of gunfire. Think of the homeless man on the corner near your local coffee house.
Think of them and make your fight count.


One Response to “Make your fight count”

  1. Jermail Says:

    Great Read!!!

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